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Life-size figures

Life Size Figures

Looking for something very special? Then you've come to the right place with our epic life-size movie characters. Life-size statues, high quality workmanship and a love of detail. Real heroes in 1/1 - Hollywood fever gueranteed read more

The wish comes true: finally buy epic life-size statues from movies

Let's face it, the dream of every nerd's and geek's inner child is to come face-to-face with their personal favorite hero. 
The statue and figurine manufacturer Muckle also had this vision, and has been making magnificent life-size hero statues ever since.  Since then, these life-size statues have always been used for grand occasions such as movie premieres and for decorating movie theaters. But now there is a terrific loophole for all fans and geeks who have always wanted to call such a life-size figure their own:
The SuperEpic Shop is now in trade cooperation with the manufacturer Muckle and now makes it possible for you to bring your life-size heroes in original cinema quality to your home.

Shoulder to shoulder with Batman and Co: life-size statues for real fans

There's no skimping on size here! Whether Dobby or the Hulk, these statues are lifelike replicas in their original size. Here you can buy life-size statues of Marvel, DC from Star Wars or the Harry Potter universe. Such lifesize movie statue is a special decoration for offices or companies dealing with the sector of movies, but also for private collectors Lifesize statues are impressive collectibles. Delivery of Lifesize statues is about one week and for larger statues self-assembly is needed.

Comic figures life-size - From DC to Marvel

A life-size Spider-Man statue or a life-size Batman figure, are probably the centerpiece of a true fan collection! We have very special life-size comic book statues: Wonder Woman, Aquaman or even Harley Quinn and the Joker for DC. But we also have life-size Marvel statues, like Captain America, Black Panther or Ironman in life-size. There is the right figure for every comic fan! Completely stunning and not exactly space-saving are our Hulk and Hulkbuster statue in lifesize 3 meters!
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