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About us

Super Epic

superepic.com – is the online shop for merchandise and fan stuff from movies, series, games, comics, anime and pop culture.

From fans for fans

We search our assortment in a team of real nerds and pop culture cracks for what we find cool and would like to have with us and around us. We always try to stay on the ball and to get the newest products and trends from our main topics for you.

Yes, we watch, gamble and read the stuff with heart and soul! But the main focus remains for us, to define something, everything around science fiction, fantasy, cult and superheroes. Just everything that is super or epic!

Brands, themes and products

In our shop you will find not only the most blatant long runners like Star Wars, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Marvel but also niche products for real connoisseurs. Be it cult games like Dark Souls or The Witcher, special mangas à la Bleach and Death Note or your current favourite series, like Stranger Things or Narcos. Make sure you click through our brand directory, we are sure there is something for you.

It is important to us to show a variety of products that you can’t get at every corner. That’s why we have really epic special items, such as our Movie Masterpiece figures or a huge Funko assortment with special figures. Especially in the figurines section you will find real pieces of jewellery, which we send to you with the greatest care and perfect packaging.

There are certain categories which, because we think they are great ourselves, have a special place in our selection. For example, you will find a really good number of board games, but also some cool lamps and home decor. Our office area with notebooks and posters is also worth a visit. Oh, and if you have some time, filter through our huge selection of t-shirts!

Close to our customers – we are a community

We want your feedback, so we have a comment and rating function. This allows us to see what you like, to react and to improve our range even more. We want to know what you think of our products and are very happy if you have something to criticize. Let us share your joy about a great product. Send us photos and get in contact with us, also with special inquiries to products or licenses, we make many things possible.

Write us an e-mail or send us a Facebook message if you think we should definitely add something superepic to our product range that we don’t have yet.

Service is extra important to us

We want to avoid at all costs that there are open questions, ambiguities in the order, lack of contact persons and complications with the online purchase, therefore we have a competent and expert service team to deal with any questions, difficulties or ambiguities together with you.

At the end of the day, what counts for us is that you receive your package quickly, that you like the products and if not, that you can send them back to us with little effort. So no matter if by mail, Facebook or phone we are there for you!

Social Media

We can be found here and there in the well-known social networks. And we are also available there! 😉 So no matter if you have questions or suggestions, information about products or just to stay up to date with cool news from the world of fandom – a visit is always worthwhile! We are happy about everyone like, so let’s be friends and follow us.

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