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Nimbus 2000 Replic made by cinereplicas
Super Epic Stuff - Merch Mystery Box (B-WARE) -67%
Super Epic Stuff
Merch Mystery Box (B-WARE)
29,95 € 90,00 €
Super Epic Stuff - Merch Mystery Box Deluxe (B-WARE) -53%
Super Epic Stuff
Merch Mystery Box Deluxe (B-WARE)
69,95 € 150,00 €
Harry Potter - Gryffindor Socks 3-Pack
Harry Potter
Gryffindor Socks 3-Pack
17,95 €
Harry Potter - Ravenclaw Socks 3-Pack
Harry Potter
Ravenclaw Socks 3-Pack
17,95 €
Harry Potter - Hufflepuff Socks 3-Pack
Harry Potter
Hufflepuff Socks 3-Pack
17,95 €
Harry Potter - Chocolate /ice cube mold "Gringotts Bank Coins"
Harry Potter
Chocolate /ice cube mold "Gringotts Bank Coins"
19,95 €
Pokémon - Plush figure Charmander 8 inch
Plush figure Charmander 8 inch
22,95 €
Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball Z chocolate / ice cube silicone mold "Son-Goku
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z chocolate / ice cube silicone mold "Son-Goku
12,95 €
Stranger Things - Gift set of 3 pendant figures
Stranger Things
Gift set of 3 pendant figures
24,95 €
Stranger Things - Gift set cookie jar & pendant figure
Stranger Things
Gift set cookie jar & pendant figure
32,95 €
Fortnite - Gift Set of British Bomber & Love Ranger Funko Pocket POP! key chains
Gift Set of British Bomber & Love Ranger Funko Pocket POP! key chain figures
7,95 €
Game of Thrones - Gift set of House Lannister beer mug & 4 coasters
Game of Thrones
Gift set of House Lannister beer mug & 4 coasters
17,95 €
Disney - Toy Story 4 Mystery Collectible Figure
Toy Story 4 Mystery Collectible Figure
5,95 €
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Super Epic - The online shop for game, TV-series, movie merchandise and pop culture fan articles

Discover action figures, exquisite replicas, home decoration and lots of nerd stuff from Pop Culture

We are Super Epic, your online shop with cool and fancy gift ideas and merchandise for movies, series, anime and games. If you're looking for exciting gift ideas, unusual accessories and fun decorations for Pop Culture fans of all kinds - in the Super Epic shop you'll always find that certain "something".


Nerd Merchandise and Collector`s Items - brighten up your everyday life with cool movie merch & more

Whether you've discovered the joy of collecting, are passionate about the latest Netflix series, or enjoy the latest adventures of your favorite fantasy and comic book heroes on the big screen - you've come to the right place if you're looking for the right gift or nerd merchandise.  A Harry Potter magic wand? A geeky Star Wars kit with a nostalgia factor? A shirt with the logo of your favourite series? Or a cute Funko POP! figure in the shape of your favourite hero? Let`s start the tour!

With us the name says it all: You will find everything for superhero fans. No matter if you choose Marvel merchandise of your Avengers and X-Men heroes or if you feel more comfortable with DC Comic fan articles from the world of Batman and Superman. We also offer epic fan merchandise for fantasy brands. A lot of Harry Potter Merchandise, Game of Thrones Merchandise or The Lord of the Rings Merchandise are waiting for all fans of Middle Earth, Hogwarts and other epic fantasy worlds.

We love science fiction, which is why you will always find Star Wars merchandise and Star Trek merchandise, but also matching other cult scifi brands like Alien Merchandise or Doctor Who Merchandise. If you're looking for an unusual gift idea for galactic geeks and nerds, or just want to make yourself happy with licensed merchandising, you'll find it at Super Epic. A gift idea out of the ordinary or from outta space, always cult and special. That`s Super Epic!

Movies & TV series merchandise - We love to watch!

You can find Star Wars Merchandise to all parts without end, as well as really fancy movie merch. Be it fantasy adventures like Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, or superhero blockbusters like Thor, Spider-Man or Wonder Woman. Also cult film merchandise, from Blade Runner to The Shining, you can find here as well. But of course our heart also beats for TV series merchandise with that certain Super Epicness, be it cult series like Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Rick & Morty or the Mother of Awesome Game of Thrones. Series merchandise can be found here quickly and easily and, above all, is always up to date.


Our Gaming Merchandise - From gamers for gamers

Our Gaming & Geeks category offers everything that makes your gaming heart beat faster. Triple-A and cult titles such as Assassins Creed, Witcher or Overwatch for example, or the Blizzard hits World of Warcraft and Fortnite. We always get the latest gaming merchandise for you, because we like to play and love gaming ourselves, which is why you can also find Gaming fan articles for current top titles like Halo Merchandise, Mass Effect Merchandise or Fallout Merchandise.

Manga and anime merchandise - cult products from Japan

Nihao and Konnichiwa! In our Manga Merchandise Shop we have a really wide selection that should inspire every fan of far eastern comics. From absolute classics like Sailor Moon Merchandise for real Magical Girls and cult Dragon Ball Merchandise for Saiyajin, to more recent hits like One Piece Merchandise for pirate fans. Newcomer ninjas get their money's worth with our Naruto fan merchandise. Pokémon Trainers and heroes in training are happy to receive Pokémon merchandise and One Punch Man merchandise. Studio Ghibli products are also waiting to be explored.

Whether you want to put your Manga and Anime hero in the showcase as an elaborate statue, or rather as cute Anime Funko POP! characters in the perfectly fitting Chibi style, collecting the entire character set of your favorite J-Comics is entirely up to you. With our wide selection of anime and manga merchandise for many cult licenses, young and old otacus and anime fans alike are sure to find something for themselves.

Our fan products - collecting, dressing, playing, living

Clothing and accessories contains everything you can wear and dress. A huge selection of nerd shirts for example jewelry, bags, caps & much more. Here you can also find small accessories like wallets for your favourite titles.

In Kitchen & Living you will find everything that makes your home more beautiful or is useful as a furnishing item or gadget. Here you will find fancy lamps, kitchen appliances, decorative objects, clocks, and everything that makes your nerd flat more beautiful. Here you'll get lots of ideas for cool gifts, like a nice cup or a set of glasses for your favorite movie.

Our wide range of geeky decoration articles for the home entices you to set up a real " heroes cave " and bring your favorite heroes and brands directly into your everyday life. You want to take your living room decoration to the next fan level? Hang a bombastic replica of the Captain America shield on the wall, or decorate your kitchen with fancy Star Wars cutlery - what Jedi doesn't like to have breakfast with the help of a real Star Wars waffle iron?

A geeky Pokemon lamp for decoration brings fun into every children's room. And if you want to put a Game of Thrones cushion on your couch as a living room decoration, you can surely do it after a visit to the Super Epic Shop.

Figures & Collecting is our Collector's Paradise, here you can find impressive statues, valuable action figures, our cute Funko POP! figures and great replicas & collectibles. We pay a lot of attention to the undamaged packaging. Because we know that collectors also appreciate the packaging. Our Harry Potter Fan Shop is huge, there you can really find all wands there are in the HP Universe. Of course we also have the Fantastic Beasts Wands and that is not all you can find in our shop for Harry Potter. Collectibles without end!

Our fourth product category is books, games & stationery, a variety of great nerd fiction and epic anthology comics waiting to find their reader. Our board games Monopoly, Cluedo & Risk are available for you in dozens of great brand variations.


Super service - We can do that...

We offer you a fast and uncomplicated delivery. And express delivery is also possible with us if you are really in a hurry.
Our competent and friendly service team will be happy to help you with questions about our products and your order. And if you don't like something, you can easily return or exchange it.

You can order from us with all common payment methods, whether by credit card or on account, either as a guest or with your personal customer account. You can also rate products and put them on a wish list, so that you can find them later more easily.

If you are looking for a specific title, you will find a complete brand overview in alphabetical order, which will lead you quickly to your destination.
We regularly update our shop with new products, which means there is always brand new merchandise available for you and it's always worth coming back again. And if you think we have missed something "Super Epic", then let us know. Maybe you will find it soon here in our shop.

Have fun shopping - your Super Epic Team!

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