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Zelda Merchandise and Fan Articles - Zelda Fanshop

The Legend of Zelda

“The fate of Hyrules should really be in the hands of this sleepyhead?” — Navi read more

Zelda Merchandise & Fan Items

"HEY, Link! Wake up!"

We have explored the magical continent of Hyrule armed with sword and shield, solved tricky puzzles, defeated difficult monsters and saved the beautiful Princess Zelda from the clutches of the demon Ganondorf and prevented her from seizing the power of the divine Triforce. It's a mystical land full of adventures and wonders, deep dungeons, friendly and less friendly creatures, and endless beauty.

The Legend of Zelda, the cult game from Nintendo, who are also responsible for iconic video games like Super Mario, first appeared in 1986 and now has 19 official parts on all kinds of consoles. Whether "The Okarina of Time" or "Majora`s Mask" or the brand new "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" Zelda fans worldwide have been immersing themselves in this beautiful, gigantic fantasy world for decades. At conventions, Link and Zelda are already absolute cosplay classics. It's simply a real milestone of video game history.  

How much time we spent in Hyrule we don't know exactly anymore ourselves, but it's a place you always like to return to and because Zelda defines the word "superepic" quasi, we have finest Zelda Merch together for you, so ride away and find your happiness. 


Blue or green? - Zelda T-Shirts & more

Zelda is stylish, it is cool and cult. A Zelda Snapback Cap is not only a real fashion accessory at Nerds.

Zelda T-Shirt from the retro logo to the current title "Breath of the Wild" is available from us, as are Zelda bracelets and bags. Or should it be a Triforce necklace? That's great for female Zelda fans, as well as an epic Zelda Girlie Shirt.


"Smash the clay jugs." -  Zelda Gifts

You don't need this kind of vandalism to find something special with us. You can find Zelda fan articles easily by scrolling back to the top;) Our Zelda Fanshop has a colorful selection of gift ideas for Zelda fans. A Zelda Monopoly, for example, is a very special way to travel back to the locations of Hyrule. A Triforce lamp provides warm light in the gamer's room. And as small favors, notebooks, buttons or Zelda key rings are the right choice for brave adventurers.


"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!" - Zelda statues

Our Zelda decorative figures are absolute eye-catchers. A must-have for fans of the game series. We have constantly new figures for you in the offer and to come back is always worthwhile. Maybe a decisive detail has already changed then.;)

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